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    On 11/12/2013 2:55 AM, Bruno Marchal wrote:

        On 12 Nov 2013, at 04:44, meekerdb wrote:

             Experience may be like that; everything has 'experience', it's 
just not
            human experience and when you stop having human experience you're 

        Why? If by dying we remember being something different from human, I 
would still
        feel like I am surviving. (Amazingly, salvia can lead to such an

    Yes, if you remember.  But I don't remember anything earlier than about age 
4 and
    neither do other people I know.  Which then implies that we are not past 
eternal and
    so it is possible to not be future eternal.

You may be jumping to conclusions. All that implies is that you don't currently have access to infinite memories. Having infinite memories, and having access to infinite memories, are quite different from having an eternal past.

Of course I don't even have access to memories of last Nov 12. It's not the absence of memories of 1000yrs ago, it's absence of *all* memory before 1944.

Is it your theory that there is a first "Brent" experience, which was not the continuation of any prior experience, an experiencless predecessor. I could buy that, since I've been unconscious a few times. But then that seems to allow there are experiences with no "continuation" in the sense of continuity. They are just connected by memories or other similarities.


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