On 12 November 2013 22:56, Alberto G. Corona <agocor...@gmail.com> wrote:

>> This is laughable. Not a SINGLE article against human warming was
> publised in the main scientific magazines and you said that the process was
> perverted by the "deniers"? I have no option  but to think that you believe
> en evil deamons with telepathic powers that try to hide your coming
> apocalypse.  And you are right. I´m one of them. This night, by black
> magic, I will appear in your dreams and I will torment you. Careful whit me.
Or you could look at TV advertising, with big expensive ads for cars, or at
the paper with pull out sections which are trying to sell cars, or you
could look at the TV news, which despite reporting virtually a new climate
related disaster every week now, hardly ever mentions that it might be
linked to global warming (unless it's to point out that "no single storn
can be directly linked to global warming" - the only mention I've heard
recently). Now add up how many people read science magazines and how many
watch car adverts on TV.

Now maybe you can see who is in charge of shaping our opinions.

When car ads are banned, as cigarette ads are, there may be some tiny
amount of truth in what you say. (Although by the time *that* happens,
Auckland will probably be underwater.)

But until then, the deniers are firmly in control.

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