On 13 November 2013 16:51, Richard Ruquist <yann...@gmail.com> wrote:

> My email service does not allow me to interleave comments.

Well in that case maybe you could cut and paste the relevant quote. There
was an awful lot of text after your comment, I still have no idea what you
were replying to.

> Regarding your reply, the laws of biophysics does MANDATE growing old and
> dying.

No it doesn't, it's all statistical. The laws of physics only mandate
growing old and dying to the extent that they mandate eggs breaking rather
than broken eggs reforming into whole ones. However the underlying physics
of eggs breaking is a series of time-reversible operations at the atomic
level, hence it is possible for broken eggs to mend themselves if all the
atomic movements were exactly right, which they never are in practice, of
course. But in a multiverse such an unlikely event would occur somewhere.

> I think the more advanced understanding of the multiverse is that
> incredibly unlikely things do not happen.

In that case it isn't the multiverse of quantum theory, which allows all
possible events to occur, including the very unlikely ones.

> As I recall the argument was based on decoherence and the relationship of
> frequency of a particular universe to probability.
> So if a universe is unlikely, it will take a longtime to materialize. I
> imagined this to be longer than your lifetime.

As I understand it the multiverse as envisaged by Everett and Deutsch
involves all possible outcomes of a given situation occurring, with no time
delay (except for whatever time delay would occur anyway). Decoherence is
the mechanism that stops different branches of the multiverse interacting,
it has nothing to do with the probability of a branch existing.

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