Wikipedia on the price of solar panels. The last sentence shows the
"Moore's law" type trend which I hope will continue.

Average pricing information divides in three pricing categories: those
buying small quantities (modules of all sizes in the kilowatt range
annually), mid-range buyers (typically up to 10
MWp<>annually), and large quantity
buyers (self-explanatory—and with access to
the lowest prices). Over the long term there is clearly a systematic
reduction in the price of cells and modules. For example in 2012 it was
estimated that the quantity cost per watt was about $0.60, which was 250
times lower than the cost in 1970 of
[22] <>

Some sunny countries have already reached "grid parity" where solar power
is as cheap as mains power. If the downward price trend continues solar
will soon become the best option for everything except transport (assuming
it can be put into a grid and sent where needed, that is, otherwise it will
be the best option while the sun is shining or some has been stored).

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