On 13 Nov 2013, at 10:32, Alberto G. Corona wrote:

Thanks for your measured style and your gentle responses, as always.

But the prevention principle, that has been incorporated to the French Constitution a few years ago, has disastrous consequences. We have only one planet. But we have only one France.

The planet is our home to all of us. France is not.
I have been very angry that a country put the precaution principle in the constitution.

And we have only one life.

(That's not obvious, and probably wrong, but not relevant in this issue).

And we have many young people, but all and veryone are unique. By the principle of prevention, the slightest hint that some activity can be dangerous for such a long list of things and a lot more, then this activity should be stopped or severely regulated by adequately paid bureaucrats.

I am just saying that if we can do something less GLOBALLY irreversible, then we should follow the alternative.

Who decide what and how to regulate? Response: the enlightened ones. Not the scientists, but the ones aware of COMP 1p and 3p.

Comrades, the future is ours.
And meekerdb after a two days course about 1p-3p, could join the avant-garde of the COMP manifesto. for the well being for all the planet!

Actually it is very complex, and very simple. I believe that the entire economical and possible ecological crisis is not due to capitalism, nor to democracies freedom, but is due to unscrupulous bandits.

The FDA approved genetically modified crops. Good news, why not if it can help us and our children, but the FDA lied about cannabis for many years, so how could I trust them?

It is a big problem because the value of money is based on two things: no duplication (that why virtual coin needs cryptography), and trust.

As long as cannabis is not made legal, with some apology, how could I trust politicians on *any* subject, beyond the obvious?

Also, I am against prohibition of any products, including oil, but "prohibition of hemp" has lead to making oil quasi obligatory. So the problem is not oil (and fossil fuel), the problem is the unfair competition brought by people having private interest, and the disinformation they have spread and are still spreading.



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