Hi George K. Lucey Jr. 

Interesting project. but you need to look at more subtle events.
Thunder and lightning even scare me.

"There is a principle which is a bar against all information, 
   which is proof against all arguments, and which cannot fail 
   to keep a man in everlasting ignorance?hat principle is 
   contempt prior to investigation." 
Herbert Spencer

Lightning and thunder scare even me. I would instead look into
more subtle indicators or future events, like pets running away
away before earthquakes or squirrels gathering nuts before winter,
where there might be more quantitative predictors.. 

1) Dogs and other animals are also well known to be sensitive 
to oncoomg earthquakes, presumably through their feet. In addition to more
conventional methods, one successful predictor of
earthquakes actually uses the number of missing pets in ads
in newspapers as a quantitative predictor. Perhaps it
is subtle vibrations, or it could be piezoelectricity
(electricity produced by stress) that earthquakes are known to emit.
2) Perhaps it is just folklore, but many sources indicate that
squirrels are known to be very active hunting for and burying nuts
if the forecoming winter is to be severe or long. This has to be some kind of
clairvoyance iif it is true. 

Because of the squirrerls, if true, my own belief is that you may not 
always find physical causes. I think it is mostly clairvoyace.
Rupert Sheldrake has written a book called something
like the sense of being stared at from behind. Many people cruelly
ridicule him, but he is is not a nut, he is a brave man, going against
the cult of materiaism that has locked up scientific opinion.

This is called contempt prioor to investigation. If they would repeat his 
suggested experiments they wouod be amazed. But they are imprisoned by the
cult of materialism.



I have found after an inspection Leibniz's philosophy that there
 is a valid reason for this, namely that we can be aware of activities (even in 
time) outside
of our current situation. But I have likewise so far have been met with silence.

God bless this brave scientist, silenced by the cult of materialism.

Dr. Roger B Clough NIST (ret.) [1/1/2000]
See my Leibniz site at

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From: George K. Lucey Jr. 
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Subject: Animal help needed 

> I am working on a means of relieving the trauma that some pets suffer when 
>they sense a thunderstorm approaching long before it can be heard and seen 
>by humans. 
>My first inquiry is into dogs that (like any person hit unexpectedly on the 
>back of the neck) suddenly - in clear skies - become disoriented, confused, 
>tremble, and run to hide. 
>My sense is the fear arises from a bombardment of short pulses of 
>infrasonic and magnetic waves coming from different directions due to 
>lightning strikes in storms out of sight and earshot of humans. 
>Clearly the fear grows to pure terror when bright flashes and loud noises 
>are added upon arrival of the thunderstorm overhead. 
>I would like help in discussing theories and solutions with anyone who has 
>owned (or seen) an animal that became neurotic in thunderstorms ... dogs, 
>birds, cats, horses, cows, pigs, whatever. 
>Anyone have a neurotic pet story to tell? 
>Is anyone able to speak about the ferroelectric material, Magnetite, in the 
>body that enables homing pigeons and dogs, etc., to locate their spacial 
>position in the earth's magnetic field? My hypothesis is that magnetic 
>pulses from distant lightning strikes reorients the Magnetite and causes 
>confusion, etc. only in dogs with an abundance of the material.. 

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