On 11/13/2013 12:59 AM, Bruno Marchal wrote:

On 12 Nov 2013, at 22:10, Alberto G. Corona wrote:

    As human beings they were reluctant to provide hard earned data to those 
who had
    proved to mere critics - like you - with no interest but to spread doubt.

Can ever have been a more clear confession of sectarianism ? Doubt about what? about what yours affirm that is truth and must be taken as face value? Is that the new conception of "science" and the one that Popper et al teach to me is ourdated?

Global warning cannot be a question of science.

?? We only know it exists because of science.

It is a question of mondial/global politics, and in this case I believe that even few evidence for some something irreversible and possibly fatal for a planet should be avoided when possible.

That's why science is of no direct use in politics. Science is doubt, and politics is decision. I use that argument to defend an ecological and economical precaution principle valid in global planetary decision which might be irreversible and possibly lethal, but also for positive decision like investing on asteroids and the means to deviate them.

When science is directly used in politics, it becomes pseudo-religious crap.
We *have to* take care of the planet, simply. It is not a question of surviving, but of quality of life.

(That's why also "global warming" is way out of topics ...: it is a matter of voting and politicians). As you said (I think) science must be separated from politics (in the two senses).

But both global warming and asteroid strikes are something we know about only through science. You seems to imply that science should not inform political action? Then how else can political action be informed?


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