On 11/13/2013 2:13 AM, Alberto G. Corona wrote:
That is not bad in principle, is what is it and is human nature. But in anomial societies like the modern West, where the small comunities were lost time ago, and the christian faith that created a big sense of comunity for all the West also has been lost, drive many desperate people, fundamentally ateistic or agnostic to coalesce around whatever crazy idea that a leader or group of authorities tell to him.

Crazy ideas like freedom of conscience, private enterprise, preserving the environment...instead of those great old theistic ideas like ignorance, faith, piety, and burning heretics.

"True, secular values can turn a civilization inside out. In post-Christian Europe, entire nations have been plunged into endemic health, skyrocketing education and hopelessly low rates of violent crime."
    --- Austin Dacey, NY Times 3 Feb 2006

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