Why we need to bring Leibniz out of the closet if progress is to be made 

Materialism, the philosophy that the universe is made only of matter,
and nothing else, is the basic philosophy of science. So Idealism, the 
philosophy that
only ideas, not matter, are real, seems to be a fantasy world. 

But materialism as a total philosophy, and not idealism, is quite limited.
It cannot explain perception consciousness, the overall governance of the 
or of the brain. In order to understand these, hence consciousness, we must 
follow the pioneering lead of Leibniz, the only relatively modern, logical,
and comprehensive Idealist philosopher:



Thus Bertrand Russell, having written a book on the logic of Leibniz, abandoned 
on his horrfying discovery of the implications of Idealism -- that yet even 
there can only be a single perceiver and a single governor of the universe.  You
can't have two kings in a kingdom, nor two perceptions at the same time.

So Russell became a materialist, a philosophy that has no provision for 
experience or 
the perceptions of the first person singular (which is consciousness). 

Thus to understand the governance of the universe or consciousness or 
perception, we must accept Idealism as a valid philosophy overall, 
while we can still accept materialism as valid within the range of science
(the range of matter). But we must let go of any possibility of overall 

Dr. Roger B Clough NIST (ret.) [1/1/2000]
See my Leibniz site at

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