(Brent wrote)
" Neils Bohr had a horseshoe nailed over the door to his office.
 When a graduate student asked him if he believed the supersition
 that this would bring good luck, Bohr said, "I'm told it works
 whether you believe in it or not." "


" Once, at the afternoon tea, in the Institute [Copenhagen] E.Teller tried
to explain to Bohr why he thought Bohr was wrong in thinking that 
the historical set-up of classical concepts would forever dominate 
our way of expressing our sense experience. Bohr listened with closed 
eyes and finally only said: 

“Oh, I understand. You might as well say that we are not sitting here, 
drinking tea, but that we are just dreaming all that.” "

’The Copenhagen Interpretation’, by C.F.von Weizsaecker, in
 ‘Quantum Theory and Beyond’, Ted Bastin ed., Cambridge U.P., 1971.

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