On 20 Nov 2013, at 21:35, John Mikes wrote:

Telmo wrote:

"I admire the US constitution too. In fact, my political position is
essentially to follow it (although I like to imagine possibilities for
peaceful world with further increases in freedom)."

Which Constitution? the one epoch-opening chef-d'oeuvre based on modernized medieval ideas of those well educated smoking-duelling slave-owner male chauvinist Forefathers, who just did not want to pay taxes to the King of England, or the later "amended" versions of the same obsolete construct making it into a gun-toting killer - corrupt, faith-ruled money-monger (with SOME exceptions, thank you).

I join you in admiring the original one - as a relic, an innovation historical masterpiece FOR THE 18th CENTURY. Not for the 21st.
My admiration stopped short when I realized the outcome:
a 'special-interest money'-ruled anti-democratic conglomerate, governing a so called government into committing crimes (international and domestic) originally excluded
from it's 'modus (regulatio) vivendi'.

How can you imagine a 'peaceful' world with capitalistic (I call it: econo-feudalistic) principles, imperialistic (oil?) wars and forcing own interest on other countries? (Not to
mention the availability of all level governance for enough money).

Gödel pretended that the US constitution was inconsistent and refused to sign it. Einstein intervened and succeeded in changing Gödel's mind (about not signing it to get the "green card" or the nationality). Einstein asked Gödel if the US constitution could prevent something like a Nazy party to take power, like in Germany, and Gödel said that it could!

I don't think capitalism is the problem, but financial lobbying and corporatism; + lies, can pervert completely a democracy.

The deeper problem relies in the fact that most humans are unwilling to think by themselves, and they confuse "p -> q" and "q -> p" all the times. The (human, but not only) sciences are still driven by the appeal to authority. We have never been "modern".



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