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> Where is the glamorization of genocide??  The U.S. fought WW2 to defeat
> practitioners of genocide, when it could have just defended its borders and
> let the Nazis have Europe and Japan take China.  And now you accuse us of
> glamorizing genocide!?
> I was referring to westerns.

>  trumps a centuries-old revolution with no current relevance?)
>  The lesson was that an armed citizenry could defend their rights against
> an army.  So the proper application of the 2nd Amendment is to guarantee to
> citizens the right own guns equivalent to the army's - in this case that
> would be assault rifles.  In terms of banning guns to reduce homicides,
> rifles are used in only fraction of a percent of killings in the U.S.
> Almost all gun homicides are by handgun.
If people only had rifles I suspect that ratio would change.

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