The whole enchilada: Leibniz, the first person, third person, and the brain.
A new mind-brain model for the post-analytic post-materialist world.

[Please feel free to use whatever I have written on the topic of Leibniz
to advance your own theory of the mind and brain. All copyrights 
are released and may be freely used. I am 72 years old and do
not need any more publications. -RBC.]

We are now in a position of assembling the
various parts of a new, comprehensive mind/brain
model, incorporating in it what we believe to be the 
philosophy of the 21st century, that of Leibniz's platonism.

As discussed previously, B Russell observed that
there are two forms of knowledge, which we can assign
to the semi-cerebral model of the brain:

a) The left brain metaphor-- This deals with what Russell 
called "knowledge" by description. This is the rational doman
of analytic philosophy, so it deals in linear sequences.
 It can also be called the Third Person singular.

b) The right brain metaphor-- this is what is left out of the materialist
and analytic models of the mind and brain. It is Russell's "knoeledge
by acquaintance", namely, the world of experience,
that of the First Person singular. So it is nonlinear and wholistic.

This is hopefuly the new paradigm of the mind and brain
which needs further developing by others.

Dr. Roger B Clough NIST (ret.) [1/1/2000]
See my Leibniz site at

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