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> Does the Bullet cluster display any of the characteristics expected of a
> Dark-Matter-less galaxy such as a spinning galaxy blowing apart.?

For years people have tried to modify the law of gravitation so that it is
consistent with what we see with our telescopes but it just doesn't work.
If you observe the Bullet Cluster what you see is 2 clusters colliding and
the regular matter that we can see staying in the center just as we'd
expect regular matter to do and the Dark Matter (detected by gravitational
lensing) remained spread out just as you'd expect Dark Matter to do. There
is no way modifying gravity can explain that.

And in addition, if you tinker with gravity so that galaxies like our own
Milky Way hold together and behave as they should then galactic clusters
like the Local group don't behave as we see them do. And if you tinker with
gravity in another way so that galactic clusters behave as they do in our
telescopes then individual galaxies don't. But if you invoke Dark Matter
then everything comes out fine.

  John K Clark

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