On 09 Dec 2013, at 13:11, Roger Clough wrote:

In case you didn't get it. Consciousness is not a scientific topic

Science is not a question of topic. We can keep a scientific attitude in all topics. We just have to do an effort toward clarity, and remind ourselves that theories are provisory assumptions.

Science deals only with public (communicable) knowledge.

I am half OK with this. But once we introduce an object-subject in the picture, science can study what will not be communicable by that subject, yet accessible to it. Science can study scientifically what science cannot study scientifically, in any meta-theories capable of differentiating points of view, levels, etc.

    Descriptive knowledge by the third person.
    This is the province of science.

Emphases have been put on what is communicable, but computer science can already describe the difference between computer science and computer's computer science.

Mind and consciousness are personal (private) knowledge.


    Personal experience by the first person singular.

Good. But note that here you do a third person statement *on* first person statements. You do science on what you are telling us that science cannot study. And computer science resolves completely that paradox.



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