The myth of computer consciousnesss and intelligence

People have been trying to create perpetual motion machines
for centuries, but nobody has succeeded, I believe because
of energy losses. The problem with making computers
truly intelligent I believe is also impossible, because
the final stage of perception must be subjective (free of symbols),
not objective (described in symbols). In particular,

Computers can only deal with descriptive knowledge (symbols), 
    which is third person singular, hence, not personal and private, not 
    The results and the process itself are publicly avalable (as code) and 

Only living creatures-- even a gnat--can think without symbols (not coded), 
    since thinking is a conscious experience, hence first person singular (not 
    Since it is personal, it can to some extent be communicated, 
    but there is always a loss converting experience to symbols, 
    expressing in words my expeience, what I thought and concluded, 
    which need not be in symbols. 

Dr. Roger B Clough NIST (ret.) [1/1/2000] 
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