On 12/17/2013 4:12 PM, Jason Resch wrote:

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    On 12/17/2013 8:43 AM, Jason Resch wrote:
    I think there may be a confusion of what I am suggesting. Let's say there 
is some
    integer N, so large it cannot be described by anyone in this universe.  
What I am
    saying is that exactly one of the following two statements is true:
    "N is prime", "N is not prime". I agree it is unreasonable to assert one 
    over the other in a universe where it is not known and not knowable. 
    whether the first statement happens to be true, or the second statement 
happens to
    be true, that statement was true independently of anyone in any universe 
    it, and so it would be true even if there were no physical universes or 

    Suppose I took the negation, "It is not the case that N is prime or N is not 
    and the rules of inference of paraconsistent logic.  Would it make any 
difference to
    me?  to anyone?

It would only violate the "law of the excluded middle".

That's not a violation in paraconsistent logics.


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