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I'll favor it as soon as it provides some surprising but empirically true predictions - the same standard as for every other theory.

What if in some alternate history Bruno's UDA came before Everett's, and it provided a possible explanation of the appearance of random collapse through FPI as seen within an infinite reality?

It would still be an explanation


- not a prediction.

Why? It is hardly harder to make a more testable theory. Physics is given entirely by precise theories (the quantified _1* mathematics).

It is just my incompetence which slows down the progress, I'm afraid, together with the lack of interests, nowadays, in the fundamental questions, or something ...

I predicted in 1991 that such physics (comp + Theaetetus variants) would be refuted before 2000. It is not yet refuted. It would be astonishing that the first interview of the machine give the correct physics. I have always thought that the hypostases are a bit too much elegant to be entirely correct. Note that I have worked before on a different and more complex way to implement them (with conditional logic like Bp / p, or Bp / Dt, etc.) until I realized that it works (only!) with the simple conjunction (Bp & p) Bp & Dt, etc.

To paraphrase Cantor, I see it, but don't (yet) believe in it. But it is 100% testable/refutable, and plausibly improvable. But we have to do the math to see that. Probably for the future generations.

Only one thing is sure: the primary physicalness hypothesis fails in the comp frame, on the mind-body problem. Comp+theaetetus does not fail on the mind-body problem, but still fails in providing the "Hamiltonian". Much works remain to be done. It is the least we can say.



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