On 22 Dec 2013, at 00:42, Edgar Owen wrote:

Hi, I just joined the group and have a few questions since it's the first Google Group I'm on.

First I assume the group must be moderated since it seems to take quite a while for my posts to show up. Is this so and who is/are the moderator(s).

We are self-moderate. No moderator for this list.

Second I thought I set my settings to get all posts as emails on my MacMail so I can reply there which is best for me. But I see a lot of posts on the group website I don't seem to be getting in my MacMail. Can anyone tell me if there is some delay or how to set that correctly?

For me it depends. Sometimes my mail get through quickly, and sometimes they can take some days. Usually it takes 5 minutes, but regularly, it takes more time. It can depend on the servers.

Hope you solve your problem. A long time ago, some posts have disappeared from the archive, and some among them have come back, now I am not sure.



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