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I haven't had a chance to watch it, but I do know that banks are


The reason why I put more faith in cryptocurrencies is that, if one or
several of them succeed, then it won't be possible to tamper with what
made them work in the first place. The other thing that excites me is
that more and more cryptocurrencies are being tried. If I have an
ideology, it's experimentalism. Technology finally allows us to
experiment with currency, weather the politicians like it or not.

Crypto-currencies, like cryptography, can surely help to save the freedom of privacy and privateness.

Crypto-currencies does not need to be a pyramidal con, like Quentin suspects. They just allowed to create new independent banks which can do their work "honestly" or not. "honestly" is not moral here, but it means that it is attempted, at the least, to not base economy on lies (which often happens to keep jobs despite they became obsolete).

Money is both the most wonderful economical tool and the most horrible life goal.

When money is used honestly, every one (good willing enough) win and is enriched. But the longer the play, the bigger the liars can win, so "those who make money the main goal" crack, and corrupt the system, which at that moment become pyramidal.
It is basically a confusion between meaning and use, or goal and tool.

Today, a part of the economy relies on lies, so it is more the actual bank system which seems to lead us (partially) to a pyramid. The existence of crypto-money can help by providing different competing economies, and can help in making transition (and awakening from the lies) more smooth.

Such competitor money can help to follow the "non-monopoly rule". But they can be swallowed by other money, and they are not immune against new lies per se. (risk can be diminushed by investment in "real" education (≠ brainwashing)).

When the bandits got power, count on them to exploit (disadvantageously for *you*) any solution you could find on the economical problem. You might need to encrypt it :)





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