I know music isn't considered a Science anymore today; it's considered
"art" whatever that means. If this means "flashing everybody out while
entertaining them by telling them what they want to hear, sex appeal,
publicity mongering etc", then I'll be happy to belong to the older group
that does not limit music to this definition.

A brilliant example of our times was Ted Greene who passed away 2005. He
embodies the antique Greek definition of music theory and practice as a
branch of science and numbers.

I mistakenly posted one of his videos on the list before, but here, for
Christmas, I offer you some music and thoughts of Greene emulating the Bach
improvisation machine (which keeps on churning out music infinitely in
Platonia, to any seeker). Improvising in a 17th century language shines a
light on the man's universality in improvisation.

Greene gets pretty damn close to Bach's polyphony improvised on a guitar,
which I hope you enjoy:



And for kitchy Christmas Cheer (starts about 1:35min in):


Happy Holidays, PGC

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