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> All,
> The proof is simply the fact that the time traveling twins meet up again with 
> different clock times, but always in the exact same present moment. This 
> proves beyond any doubt there are two kinds of time, clock time which varies 
> by relativistic observer, and the time of the present moment (what I call 
> P-time) which is absolute and common to all observers across the universe.

Of course there are two times here. The two observers in question
start and arrive at the same spacetime coordinates, which is
conventionally called "coordinate time". However, due to acceleration
of one of the twins, their proper times differ.

What you call "clock time" appears to be what is usally called "proper
time", and what you call "P-time" is usually called "coordinate
time". What you call "present moment" appears to be what is
conventionally called "event" - namely a single 4D spacetime point. It
is not the same as the usual "present moment" concept of a space-like
slice, which cannot be unambiguously defined.

I'm not convinced there is anything new here...


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