On 02 Jan 2014, at 21:21, Chris de Morsella wrote:

>>If you can control the beliefs, you can control the people. But if theology is conceived as a science, then you get the means to interrogate the beliefs, criticize the theories, single out the contradiction and progress toward possible truth (Dt). That should help to avoid the "monopoly".

One reason to prefer those hypothesis that are falsifiable J In fact, while I appreciate the beauty and elegance of theories such as String Theory for example, I see it more as a branch of mathematical philosophy than as a branch of science, until it can be formulated in a manner that is falsifiable.

I think that String Theory is falsifiable. It is just technically very difficult. But that's another topic. Comp seems more easily refutable.

>>This asks for some amount of courage or "spiritual maturity". Maturity here is the ability/courage to realize and admit that we don't know. This has no sex-appeal, as we are programmed to fake having the answer, especially on the fundamentals, to reassure the kids or the member of the party ...

The same basic psychology that is operating in the allegorical fable of the emperor’s new clothes is working hard within our minds. No one likes to admit ignorance, especially when others seem so smugly self-assured in their assertion of knowing… so yeah I agree the temptation is very strong to “pretend” – or perhaps to stop looking and mentally bow down in faith based acceptance of some set of doctrinal truth as being foundational and True (with a capital ‘T’) Philosophical edifices that do not provide a comfortable set of nicely packaged answers, but that instead force yet more questions upon those who delve into it – are quite a bit harder to sell.

Yes. That's explain why Plato was not successful compared to Aristotle, who came back to our animal intuition, and protect us from too much big metaphysical surprises.
Humans want spiritual comfort, not big troubling open problems.

Much easier instead to market the self-contained doctrine that side steps all the mess of actually trying to work it out replacing the blood sweat and tears of actual enquiry with some divinely inspired story/book, which one questions at peril of life and limb (at least in much of human history).





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