It's hard to stop arguing with an irrational person, isn't it? I've already 
offered Edgar $100 to tell me any experiment that could be carried out to 
falsify or validate his "theory" (that two separated events occur in only 
one absolute order), but he immediately stopped talking to me. An 
unfalsifiable theory is not a scientific theory. And Edgar even admits his 
idea can't be rendered in mathematics ("like consciousness"). But 
*everything* in physics must be able to be rendered into numbers, or it 
just ain't physics. That's not the same as saying that only the 
quantifiable exists, but it does demarcate a clear boundary between physics 
and metaphysics.

When Galileo showed theologians the mountains on the moon through his 
telescope, which "couldn't exist" according to doctrine at the time, 
because the moon had to be a perfect sphere, they invented ad hoc an 
"invisible substance" that filled all the craters to the exact tops of the 
mountains. Galileo agreed about the invisible substance, but said it was 
piled twice as high on top of the mountains as in the valleys! The 
invention of an ad hoc invisible, unmeasurable, unfalsifiable time 
dimension to rescue the universal present moment from relativity is a 
similarly disgraceful manouevre to that which the cardinals attempted in 
order to rescue their Aristotelian cosmos.

So far the only evidence that Edgar can evince for his theory is that it's 
obvious to him. No maths. No suggested experiments. No means of measurement 
except by some hand-waving reference to the curvature of the universe 
(quote: "anyone know what that equation would be?" Sir, we have no idea 
what you're talking about! It's *your* theory!) No falsification possible 
except by fiat of Edgar Owen. Don't hold your breath.

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