On 5 January 2014 04:36, Edgar L. Owen <edgaro...@att.net> wrote:

> Pierz,
> It may not be "physics" by your definition but both the Present moment and
> Consciousness are certainly part of reality, in fact they are basic aspects
> of reality.
> However, a theory does have to be consistent with observation. So far,
every attempt to make your theory consistent with the millions of
observations that support SR fail, except by saying that "P-time" doesn't
have any measurable effects whatsoever.

Which is also true of the invisible pink unicorns that actually control

> Reality subsumes physics, if you want to define physics as just what is
> mathematically describable.

Or does reality emerge from physics? Reductionists think so.

Not all of reality is mathematical, but it is all logical since its
> computed.

And we know this because....

a. Edgar says so

or perhaps

b. I have a 2000 year old book which says so


> Obviously even a silicon software program is a logical structure but not
> all of that logic is mathematical operations.
> I believe *all* operations carried out by software can be reduced to a
series of just one logical operation repeated lots of times - I think it's

So all computer programmes can be reduced to a series of NAND gates
connected with wires (in principle). The structure of the programme would
therefore be how the NAND gates are connected, and the operations would all
be NANDs. I'm not sure if the wiring can be represented mathematically -
well, actually, yes I am sure, it's just a directed graph. And I assume
NAND is mathematically definable - it follows this truth table iirc

           1      0
  1   |   0     1
  0   |   1     1

So it looks to be as though a "silicon software progam" may actually be a
mathematical structure. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NAND_logic

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