I'm afraid we're reached the point where I throw my hands up and resort to
parody. Not that Edgar doesn't deserve it for his deeply patronising tone,
often verging on downright insults...

Of course he could easily recover the situation at any moment simply by
making a post that actually explains how his theory gives rise to testable
consequences, or even how he derives space-time from it. But at the moment
it's all just words. [Something] computes reality in [some apparently
unnecessary time frame] using [some form of maths too advanced for mere
humans to comprehend].

But so far we have no suggestion that there is, in fact, any underlying
maths involved, or a logical, coherent framework, or anything, really. Just
a load of words that would be fine as technobabble in Dr Who, but don't cut
it as a genuine attempt to explain reality.

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