On 5 January 2014 13:48, Edgar L. Owen <edgaro...@att.net> wrote:

> Jason,
> PPS: More questions about your theory of block time.
> 1. How do you keep Quantum Theory from being contradicted by block time?
> With block time all quantum events from big bang to end of the universe
> have already occurred, haven't they? If so then what happened to quantum
> randomness?

Everett explains this. But in any case there is no reason why a block
universe can't contain events that appear random to its inhabitants.

> 1a. Did all the events of block time occur simultaneously at the beginning
> of the universe? Did they occur at the big bang? Have they always existed?

They occur when they occur in the block universe. That's why points in
space-time are called events.

> 2. All the events in the history of the universe are already determined,
> fixed and actual aren't they? When did that happen? In what time, at what
> time was this structure created? And since that time had to exist before
> the creation of block time for it to be created within it, just what is
> that 2nd kind of time that is not part of block time?

You are the one assuming that this second time is necessary. SR and GR and
QM don't require this. Even Newtonian theory didn't require this.

> 3. How do you explain the (presumably) illusion of change, of things
> happening and time progressing if everything is already static and fixed?
> What is moving if it's not time?

Things move in relation to other things, which is to say they occupy
different relative positions at different time coordinates.

> 4. If block time corresponds to clock time, then how can there be a single
> block time structure that encompasses all events when clock times progress
> faster or slower for different observers?

Already explained by geometry and worldlines, see several posts by Brent
and Jason.

> 5. Why, if block time is true, and there is no free will, are you any more
> than a robot zombie?

Why do you assume you aren't?

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