On 5 January 2014 15:01, Jason Resch <jasonre...@gmail.com> wrote:

> What is moving if it's not time?
> Our minds are, from one slice in spacetime to the next.


I agree completely with all your other replied to Edgar, but I think the
above one could be misleading. I know what you mean (it's similar to the
famous phrase about our minds "crawling up our worldlines") but it creates
just the sort of mental picture that presentists will leap on with cries of
"AHA! So it does move after all!!!"

So, let me just put the record straight. Our minds are NOT moving from one
slice of space-time to the next. Nothing is. However, the slices are
connected in a manner determined by the laws of physics (which could, for
example, be demonstrated by viewing the whole schmeer as a Feynman diagram,
as you mentioned) and this is sufficient to give us the illusion that there
is a "moving present moment". In practice (if we leave aside a comp type
explanation and assume our minds are generated by the activity of our
brains) then that brain activity is sufficient to give a powerful illusion
that we are "moving through time". But, as the guy in "Memento"
demonstrates, this is an merely illusion, caused by the persistence of
memory, which effectively gives us a physical connection to the past via
the arrangement of the worldlines of the molecules making up our physical

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