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> Not really as a Feynman diagram.  Those are always drawn in momentum space
> (because energy/momentum is what's conserved) and are assumed to occupy
> only a negligible space.

I always assumed they were similar to worldlines for fundamental particles.

>  and this is sufficient to give us the illusion that there is a "moving
> present moment". In practice (if we leave aside a comp type explanation and
> assume our minds are generated by the activity of our brains) then that
> brain activity is sufficient to give a powerful illusion that we are
> "moving through time". But, as the guy in "Memento" demonstrates, this is
> an merely illusion, caused by the persistence of memory, which effectively
> gives us a physical connection to the past via the arrangement of the
> worldlines of the molecules making up our physical structure.
> You don't really have to say it's an illusion.  It's a description of the
> world and the fact that you put different t-labels on events at the same (x
> y z) doesn't undo the fact that there are different events at those
> different t-values. Memory provides an arrow of psychological time - but it
> doesn't always follow the arrow of physics (entropy increase).
> I am simplifying in an attempt to explain it to Edgar, who clearly has a
problem grasping how any of this works. With all due respect, I'd
appreciate it if my attempts weren't obfuscated. He obviously doesn't get
even the basics of the block universe picture, so piling on lots of extra
details will only confuse matters - or more likely give him an excuse to
just ignore them, like climate change or evolution deniers - "look, they
disagree about some minor details, so their entire theory simply must be

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