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>> The expansion of  the universe is the most likely explanation for the
>> entropy gradient - there are a number of ways in which it generates
>> "negative entropy", briefly some of these are...
>>    - Quarks can become nucleons when the universe expands and cools
>>    enough
>>    - Nucleons can become nuclei when the universe expands and cools
>>    enough
>>    - Plasma can become atoms when the universe expands and cools enough
>>    - Gas can become stars when the universe expands and cools enough
>> ...and there are probably a few others I've missed.
> I don't think Price would agree with you there, since your argument tries
> to show that known dynamical laws alone guarantee entropy increases with
> expansion, and as I said he is talking about speculative ideas about
> unknown future theories (like the Hawking "no boundary" proposal which
> represents a speculation about quantum gravity) that might explain the
> boundary conditions themselves.
> Sure. My other half has corresponded with Prof Price on this, so I know
he's operating at a higher level of speculation, and ultimately one comes
down to the Big Bang, which isn't explained by the above of course.
However, the above list is sufficient to show that something very like the
thermodynamic arrow can be derived from universal expansion, simply through
a series of "relaxations" of the cosmic fluid - i.e. through simple
dynamical processes that become possible successively as the universe grows
less dense. I don't think Price would object to this as far as it goes.

However, as Price has shown, all the quantum weirdness may be resolved a
lot more simply than we think, and it's possible that the arrow of time can
be too - they are both fixed simply by noticing a couple of "elephants in
the room" that have been largely ignored for no obvious *physical *reason
(though the psychological reasons seem fairly clear - they are both rather

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