As I explain in my book on Reality, entropy states are not fundamental, as 
often assumed, because they depend on the spatial mix of prevailing forces. 
For example the maximum entropy state will be completely different in a 
positive gravitation universe than it would be in a negative 
gravitation universe, and at small scales it depends on the 3 other forces 
and how they are distributed.

In our universe where there is an apparent mix of positive and negative 
(dark energy) gravitation and that mix seems to be changing it is unclear 
what the final maximum entropy state will be.

When this is understood it can be applied to Penrose's question of why the 
initial entropy state of the big bang could have been the most unlikely 
possible minimal entropy state.

We can offer a simple conjecture to explain why. Assume a big bounce 
universe in which the final previous state was a runaway attractive energy 
collapse into a universal black hole. Now if we assume that when this 
universal black hole collapses through its singularity that we get a white 
hole big bang in which gravitation instantly reverses from attractive to 
repulsive then we automatically get both the required minimal entropy state 
to start with (the maximal entropy state instantly reverses to the minimal 
entropy state) and we get the inflation of the early universe as well. Then 
over time the mix of +- gravitation changes to what it is today.

Of course this is a speculative theory that requires proof but it does 
explain a lot of things quite well....

When the dependence of entropy states on force mix and distribution is 
understood it is also clear entropy has no innate connection to time and is 
certainly not the source of the arrow of time, as some have claimed. This 
should be obvious since there are areas of greatly varying amounts and 
changes of entropy and in no case does this have any effect on time 


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