When working with private physics, the operators used are metaphorical and 
implicit, not explicit. Qualia is LIKE the “mass” of privacy. The will to 
will is like the “Energy” of privacy, and realism is like the “c²”. In my 
understanding, the notion that c is the speed of light is really a legacy 
understanding – a pre-Relativity convention within Relativity. It makes 
more sense to me now that light just happens to be the fastest quality of 
sense that we have access to. The true nature of c is as the speed of 
sense, or experience itself. It is not a speed, but the absolute limit of 
velocity. The still-here-ness of the universe..

[image: image]

 From an absolute view, quantified properties like mass, energy, and 
spacetime can be considered to be like reality but the only *true *reality 
is what *experience is like*. All conditions of the public universe are 
contingent upon an aesthetic palette, otherwise it would be implausible 
that any such palette could exist. 

Private physics and public physics provide two different senses or fantasy, 
and two different senses of reality. Human experience is fantastically rich 
in an aesthetic sense and fundamentally real because it is the source of 
our participation in the universe. Our experience of the non-human universe 
is fantastic in the sense of its overwhelming magnitude and complexity,  
Its reality is persistent and reliable.

If we are serious about our science, we should consider that being 
overwhelmed by grandeur is a human experience which reflects the disparity 
in physical scale between us and the larger exteriority. The Public 
universe by itself would have no such feeling of grandeur, but what we feel 
about the inaccessible vastness of the cosmos is equaled by the vast 
inaccessibility of feeling by public physics. What I'm saying is that our 
estimation of the grandeur of our own experience is impaired by our being 
impressed by the otherness of the public exterior. From an objective 
standard, there is nothing less incredible about a sensation or thought 
than all of the rest of the universe combined. Indeed, without some 
experience in which the universe can matter, there is no relevance to 
existence in the first place - no difference between existence and non.

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