On 1/8/2014 9:29 AM, Bruno Marchal wrote:
Hi John,

On 07 Jan 2014, at 23:20, John Mikes wrote:

Bruno, you made my day.

Reminds me of a Hungarian humorous author (P. Howard) who wrote about a blind philosopher (The Sleepy Elephant) and his assistant living in the deep Sahara - showing the Elephant's Life Oeuvre in a BIG book, the assistant was supposed to write as the old Blind Elephant dictated. It was all empty and the assistant asked somebody to inscribe: "I cannot write, but it makes him so happy when I pretend..." -


When reading your remarks I wonder what REALLY mean 'machine', 'comp', 'universal', and some more of your words I got used to over the past 2 decades, yet are not "clear"(??) enough in my mind to automatically click-in when used.
Do you have a *glossary *I could download, to refresh those (brief!) meanings?

I have no glossary. Maybe I should do that. I use each term in the most standard sense used by the expert in the field. Computable is made ultra-standard, if I can say, thanks to the Church thesis.

Let me try an explanation, below,  for the notions mentioned above.

(I am aware that you appreciate Robert Rosen critics of Church Thesis, but as you know I have some reservation that it is really a critics of Church thesis, as a critic of possible misuse of Church's thesis).

I'd take Rosen as a cautionary example of holism leading nowhere.


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