Bruno Marchal:

You might confuse geography and physics. The (sigma_1) arithmetic is the
same for all, and the laws of physics must be given by the same laws for
any universal machine. Comp makes physics invariant for all
machine-observers, and entirely determined by the unique measure on all
computation, as seen from the 1p view.

Richard Ruquist:

The geography is important. Do we drive on a unique geography? Are there
some things, some properties like charge, mass and energy of electrons and
photons that are invariant and essentially do not affect their quantum
states. If so, the geography we drive on may be a constant relative to the
scale of drive time.  Geography may never split due to quantum state
superposition. Splitting within a constant geography is rather associated
with life, but not photosynthesis.

The photosynthesis process somehow estimates and selects the best photon
quantum state for optimal processing into sugar, which is a significant
constraint on extra worlds in a many world reality.

Perhaps that is a metaphor for how the laws of physics may optimize
particle interactions.
But there is no experimental evidence for such optimization outside of

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