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>> Der Bruno,
>> The UD has no output. I guess you think to the trace of the UD, UD*,
>> which from the first person perspective is "entirely given", by the 1p
>> delay invariance."
>>    The UD never stops. If a process lasts forever, it is eternal, then
>> it does not ever complete and thus its results never obtain in any way that
>> can be considered as accessible.
>> This is true if you run the UD on a computer, but not if it exists in
> Platonia. If the UD exists in an arithmetical wonderland, then it never
> stops, nor does it ever start, nor does it do anything - it's simply there,
> in a timeless realm. Assuming this is so, then time - or the appearance of
> time - has to be recovered from the fact of its existence.

I understand that argument. But then we have to account for the infinite
pluralities of times that are eternally co-present in that Platonia when
there is no way to break the stalemate of neutrality. Becoming is a better
candidate for the ontological ground since it includes potential at the
root, potential would be then the "fire" that breaks the symmetry that
would otherwise keep Platonia frozen stiff.

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