> On 12 Jan 2014, at 15:30, Richard Ruquist wrote:
> Bruno: *Those machines are enumerable. There is an enumeration of all of
> them: m_0, m_1, m_2, m_3, m_4, ...*
> Richard: We are in close agreement if the digital machines are each a
> Calabi-Yau CY Compact Manifold that can be enumerated.
> I thought the CY manifold was what the extra dimensions of string theory
are tied up into? If so, wouldn't making them into "digital machines" be a
theory closely allied to Edgar's theory of reality being computed by some
unspecified UTM at each point? (OK, maybe not quite, because the CY
manifolds aren't prior to space-time, but are just part of it... still, it
seems kind of similar.)

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