On 14 January 2014 01:02, Edgar L. Owen <edgaro...@att.net> wrote:

> Liz,
> The computational theory I propose has nothing to do with cellular
> automata. Cellular automata is little more than a simple childish game. I
> played around with them myself back in the 1960's and found little of
> interest. All the hype and theorizing around them is misguided.

So there's something else your theory isn't. I find it a little odd that
you need to characterise CAs as a "childish game" though. That's not
exactly a scientific critique of why something might not be applicable to
understanding the real world (indeed on the basis of reductionism we might
expect whatever's at the basis of reality to be something simple enough to
be described exactly like that).

> What they are is a very restricted type of emergence phenomenon, but it's
> emergence theory, not cellular automata that is important when it comes to
> understanding reality.
> Emergence is the fact that elemental level laws not only govern elemental
> level phenomena but also automatically lead to larger aggregate scale
> phenomena. For example the values and properties of binding energies don't
> just govern how atoms and molecules form but also the emergent properties
> of chemicals, and at an even higher level the properties of everything made
> out of chemicals, and at an even higher level the geography and properties
> of planets, solar systems and galaxies...
> So the automatic hierarchies of emergence are a fundamental principle of
> reality. Cellular automata is basically just a kids' game with little real
> world application. One needs to actually look at the real laws of emergence
> in action in the real world to understand reality.
> Yes, I agree. This is what we call physics, chemistry and so on.

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