I've never called anyone on this list "stupid", not a single time. You 
claim I have "spent the last week or so calling everyone stupid". That is 
simply not true so one wonders why you would say it?


On Wednesday, January 15, 2014 4:57:53 PM UTC-5, Liz R wrote:
> On 16 January 2014 05:57, Telmo Menezes <<javascript:>
> > wrote:
>> From what I could observe, Edgar came here with his ideas (which I
>> mostly don't agree with, but that's fine). He was never the one
>> initiating personal attacks. Also he's using his real name, while
>> being attacked by someone using a pseudonym. I have nothing against
>> pseudonyms and I use them too, but I don't think it's fair play to do
>> the sort of thing freqflyer did while using one.
>> I disagree that Edgar is "never the one initiating personal attacks". I 
> doubt if anyone would have "retaliated in kind" if he hadn't constantly 
> been making derogatory remarks about everyone who disagrees with him. I've 
> observed many heated arguments on this list and others in which the 
> participants, while obviously passionately believing their views to be 
> right and their opponents to be a crock, nevertheless manage to preserve 
> politeness. Generally people also try to put their ideas across clearly, 
> trying different tacks if one is clearly not getting across. They geneally 
> respect the other person's viewpoint and make a serious effort to 
> understand it - and occasionally even realise that they are wrong and the 
> other person is right (I've even done it myself...)
> We have had none of the above courtesies from Edgar. His explanations are 
> woolly and one note, with no attempt at re-presenting them with, say, 
> mathematical models or meaningful analogies. He is constantly insinuating 
> that people who disagree must be stupid, and sometimes saying it outright. 
> He clearly doesn't "get" the problems others (from Einstein onwards) have 
> perceived with his "universal time" idea, and furthermore makes no effort 
> to do so. He is constantly patronising, smug and up himself. I would almost 
> say he has adopted the bad points of Isaac Newton while ignoring the good 
> ones (kind of in a similar vein to the reasoning "they laughed at Galileo 
> and Einstein, and they're laughing at me, so I must be a genius too!")
> I don't know about the name-vs-pseudonym business. I wouldn't have posted 
> Edgar's lonely hearts thing myself (well, I hope I wouldn't!) but I can see 
> why someone would be tempted to do so. Edgar has spent the last week or so 
> calling everyone stupid and was in the process of nitpicking FF about a 
> thought experiment, rather than answering the question honestly, and that 
> evasiveness and refusal to answer honest questions coupled with his usual 
> smugness was no doubt very irritating. (Also, if FF has encounted EO on 
> other forums, as seems to be the case, there may be some history we're 
> unaware of.)
> But none of that excuses posting personal details, I agree.

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