On Wednesday, January 15, 2014 4:54:09 PM UTC-5, cdemorsella wrote:
> Man that’s uncool. You may think he is an idiot, but to go troll the 
> internet and then publish on this list his very personal life is crossing a 
> line. I think you owe the man an apology and need to look into your own 
> heart and ask yourself if perhaps this exposes an ugly wart in your own 
> character… one that if I were you I would be trying to understand and work 
> through.
> Chris
Just for the record:

a) I apologized (on a new thread so I wouldn't "derail" this one)

b) I didn't have to "troll the internet" very far to find his lonely hearts 
advert -- it's on the front page of google after you search edgar owen -- 
second entry -- I was just trying to find more information about this book 
on reality he keeps talking about, but his blog is the second entry in the 
search, and the advert is the very first thing you see when you go to the 
site -- hardly private details... indeed, given his clearly narcissistic 
posture, I thought he would be quite flattered anyone took that level of 
interest in him. 

c) Ugly wart on my character? You think I am not aware that I have warts on 
my character? Dude, I got tons of 'em, all over the damn place... I think 
anyone who is honest with themselves will also find them. Oh yah, no doubt 
it exposes an ugly wart on my character. I only wish other people would be 
equally honest in their self-assessments (lookin' at you, Edgar) and take 
the time to perhaps "try to understand and work through" their ugly warts, 
i.e. condescension, truculence,  delusion. For me, it's a constant and 
daily struggle, but I never stop working at it... I admit that I backslide 
a bit and do some dumb stuff though, and looking back, I realize that 
posting that thing from Edgar's site was not a decent thing to do -- I 
fully accept your condemnation and repent. 

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