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> I totally agree with you that science, when you really start getting into
> the implications of things like QM (and relativity for that matter),
> provides some rather unsettling (and yet very exciting!) conclusions. And
> yet... they always rest on the tip of uncertainty. Either that, or else the
> conclusions are so terrible that I can't bear to think of them.
> Like, for example, you mention the idea of "universalism," the idea that
> all minds are fundamentally connected. This has always been a very strong
> intuition with me ever since I had a "religious conversion" type experience
> in my teens. Finding this list was a wonderful moment, because it appeared
> that the implications of comp reinforced this intuition. BUT... on the
> other hand, ethically, I hate the idea that my mind and the mind of, say,
> Josef Stalin, are linked in any way, and the more I learn about the
> enormity of various acts of evil and violence, the more I feel OK with the
> idea that maybe death qua oblivion really isn't such a bad thing after all,
> but is instead a kind of mercy that is bestowed upon us.
> I guess I just have some trouble squaring my metaphysical curiosities
> (that tend to pull me way out into the stratosphere) with my ethical
> demands and expectations (that tend to reign in my speculations).
> Do I make any sense?

You do to me, I've had those same thoughts. To be every starving child,
every rapist and victim, every torturer and victim, every genius and every
person who feels they've wasted their life, to be every rugby fan and every
monstrous psychopath ... I just quail at the thought

I feel the Beatles may have had a point or two.

As I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together...


All you need is love.

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