On 18 January 2014 01:32, Alberto G. Corona <agocor...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Is it a coincidence that:
> -During the cold war the image of the universe and the theory that
> explained it was an inmense nuclear explosion?

Obviously there is a connection. Without the theories of nuclear physics
you can't build H-bombs and you can't explain nucleosynthesis... The theory
that explains nucleosynthesis in the Big Bang is *still* that it was a
"huge nuclear explosion" - namely a fusion explosion. It's unlikely this
explanation will change except in the details (lithium abundances).

> -In the world  dominated by the multicultural ideology and computers,
> it is a multiverse and/or a computer simulation the preferred
> paradigm?

You are misusing the word 'paradigm', which means the wholesale replacement
of one fundamental outlook with another one that makes the old one
completely redundant. Paradigm shifts have only happened occasionally in
science, and appear to have become less likely as our knowledge has
improved. There has not been a paradigm shift in our model of the universe
since Lemaitre worked out that it could be expanding and Hubble confirmed
it. The Big Bang has not been *replaced* by this new model. Even the
discovery of the universal expansion wasn't a paradigm shift, because
Einstein had worked out that it was possible, so it was just a refinement
to the existing theory.

We haven't changed our views, we just have more knowledge, which enables us
to build better models. It isn't a coincidence that the knowledge we
acquire is in the same area as the technology that we are developing. They
don't operate in a vacuum! :)

You need better evidence before you decide that science is merely
reflecting the zeitgeist. Whenever discoveries continue to surprise us, as
for example the acceleration of the universal expansion did, this zeitgeist
theory (which has been popping up throughout the history of science, most
recently as "postmodernism") is reduced in likelihood.

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