On 20 January 2014 06:38, Bruno Marchal <marc...@ulb.ac.be> wrote:

> We can logically conceive them. Imagine a dead corpse. You can easily
> conceive that he is not conscious. Now, animate the dead corpse so that it
> behaves like he was alive, but keep conceiving that it is unconscious, a
> bit like an actor in a movie, except it interacts "relevantly" with you.

How is it animated? Is it providential cosmic rays? OK, I guess that shows
such can exist, or we can be deluded (briefly). Or is it someone operating
the corpse by remote control, by plugging in millions of radio transceivers
into its nervous system?

> There is no flagrant contradiction. And that is all you need to conceive
> them logically, without choosing any theory in particular.

OK, I suppose it's (kind of) possible. I spoke too loosely to say there
ain't no such being. The real question is this one...

> Now, in some theory, that can become contradictory, or having an
> infinitesimal plausiblity.

I think certainly infinitesimal, yes, but you're right - they are
*possible.* Unless somehow contradictory.

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