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> On Sat, Mar 28, 2015  Quentin Anciaux <allco...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> > Ok... Well now everybody can see you as you really are,
> And I'm perfectly satisfied with that because that is who I really am.

What? Chief of equine relations of everything list?

No. You're not *that* good just because you've found out how to employ a
couple of teenage insults/references. You have to offer something better to
counter the increasing lowness of this place. I'm not an authority on the
matter but think that perhaps this once, I can offer better, with tipping
hat to art criticism topic that floated here for a few days some weeks

Setting? Some German theater in the 19th century. Main figure was an
extremely gifted improvising actor, who's random narrative deviations and
improvisations on theater stage, drew the ire of managing powers of
theater, even though the crowds loved these disruptions and found them
hilarious. Naturally: "Prohibition of improvisation on stage" was decreed
for the sake of art, honor, and decency.

One day, a horse standing around in some scene that had to be acted, was
featured with our actor on stage. It's easy in these situations to bring
one of the more docile, obedient, predictable specimens on stage. Certain
predictions are hard to predict however, such as when the horse has to
go... do its business.

Of course, it had to come to what everybody imagines at this point, at
which our hero declared on stage: "Animal, shame on you! When everybody
knows perfectly well that on this stage improvisation is forbidden..." If I
remember correctly, he was not penalized for breaking the rule to call
attention to the rule being broken, and the officials in question even
laughed, I think.

The End.
Perhaps one can bring up toilet stuff, equine relations etc. without all
the hate and still offer substance or a laugh at least. So a definite "No!"
vote on your application for chief of equine relations of everything list.
Almost entertaining was the post on "no fair! Buuuhuuu! He called me a
liar." PGC

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