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> I have listened to Sean Carroll's Big Picture.

​I read his book too.​

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> His world view is actually similar to the Game of Life, well, the rules
> are a bit more complicated. Below is the link to the equation that he
> proposes.

Carroll's equation
 ASTRONOMICALLY more complicated than Conway's
​ ​
rules for the Game of Life;
​the beauty of Conway's rules is that although very simple they are ​
Turing complete
​ and thus can lead to arbitrary magnitudes of complexity. And Carroll's
equation doesn't explain Dark Matter or initial conditions, such as why
Dark Energy has the value it has and isn't 10^120 times stronger, nor does
it explain the behavior of neutrinos or tell us what the conditions are at
the center of a Black Hole. Having said that I do admit that Carroll's
equation can predict most of the things that happen in everyday life,
although it would take one hell of a lot of calculations to do so.    ​

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> Carroll claims that his equation describes human beings as well. He takes
> a compatibilist position in respect to free will

The one problem I have with Carroll's book is that he talks a lot about
"free will" without giving us even a hint at what that term is supposed to
mean; tell me what it means and I'll tell you if human beings have that
property or not, and I'll tell you i
a roulette wheel or a Cuckoo clock
​ has that property too.​

​> ​
> No, I do not know what life is. I guess, nobody does.

​You know what life is you just don't have a definition, but you have
something much better, examples. After being given a few examples of things
that are alive and things that are not it's easy to put most new objects in
the correct category, although a few times, such as with viruses, it's a
judgement call. Carroll gave us neither a definition of "free will" nor a
set of examples of things that have it and things that don't, so I have no
idea what the term means.

John K Clark   ​

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