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​>> ​
>> when we use our telescopes to listen for sounds of intelligence in the
>> cosmos we hear only an eerie silence. Why?
*​> ​Because any distinguishable intelligible signal is attenuated to noise
> when it traverses a few light years in distance.*

Nonsense.The old 300 meter Arecibo telescope could communicate with a
similar telescope anywhere in the galaxy, and the Chinese just made a 500
meter one. We've only been at this for a century and it's been 13.8 billion
years since the Big Bang but we have not heard  a peep from anyone. Zero
zilch nada goose egg. There must be a filter that prevents a Star Trek
galaxy from occurring, the only question is if that filter is in our past
of in our future.

> *​> ​SETI is a waste of time and energy.*

​You like to talk about flying saucer ​people in
Roswell New Mexico
​ and you're worried about wasting time?​

 John K Clark

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