On Wednesday, February 7, 2018 at 1:39:43 PM UTC-6, Samiya wrote:
> A reset event seems a necessity at the rate we are trashing the Earth! 
> Scripture has something to say about it as well. This might be of 
> interest: Smoke from the Sky 
> <http://signsandscience.blogspot.com/2018/01/smoke-from-sky.html> 

It is interesting how these things play out. The Christian Bible has ideas 
of Jesus coming to rescue the believers while the unbelievers face doom. We 
now see with this sort of techno-salvation schemes as well. To be honest I 
seriously doubt there is some cosmic Santa Claus, whether that goes by the 
name of YHWH, Jesus, Allah or whatever, that is going to come down to save 
His chosen few. The techno-salvation schemes at least have some idea of 
actually doing something, but they are too little too late.

God is really a supernatural form of George Orwell's Big Brother in his 
treatise on the social-psychology of authoritarian power written in 
fictional form; *1984*.  Big Brother is watching you, and by extension God 
(Allah, Jesus etc as well) by virtue of omniscient power knows everything 
you do and even what you think. This is as Orwell coined, *Thoughtcrime*. 
Sin is basically a supernatural form of thoughtcrimem and the idea of 
continual repentance is Orwell "Crimesop." With a supernatural Big Brother 
you have to get people to psychologically internalize this idea, and this 
was done long ago when people were in the early iron age, illiterate and 
highly credulous. Now these schemes continue and the elites who rise to the 
top of the ecclesiastical system have great power. 

There are four big systems for controlling complex societies that I call 
statecraft, warcraft, priestcraft and tradecraft. These of course are 
governance by geopolitical entity of the state, control by military, police 
and other security, religious power, and economic control  Generally these 
have all been the governing system, with of course variations in ideology 
and beliefs. In addition they are all giant scams foisted on stupid people 
by various hustlers and sociopaths eager to get their words in your brain 
and by extension their hands on your money, time and life. As a result 90% 
of everything that has occurred in history has been various forms of fraud, 
thuggery and generally in a sense organized criminality.

Religion has been fantastic at this. In particular Christianity and Islam 
are the biggest flim-flams and cons ever foisted in all of history. They 
also lasted a very long time! They are though disintegrating, where 
Christianity is 2 to 3 centuries into its decay and Islam since the 20th 
century has been similarly afflicted. The current Islamic upheaval is in 
many ways a response to this. By comparison nation states generally last at 
most 500 years, 1000 years in a few cases such as England, economic systems 
change every century or so and corporations generally last at most 50-100 
years, and military rule is usually even shorter lived. But now a thing, 
and as I almost misspelled it a THINK, called science emerged and people 
have come to realize that as Gershwin put it, "It ain't necessarily so." 

The rise of interest in superheros, UFOs, ancient alien astronauts and 
other things like Pokeman and Yugio seem to point to the next sort of 
mythic narratives of the future. If you have been to Japan you can see 
everywhere in Toyko how Manga, Pokeman-esque stuff is everywhere, and it 
has made inroads elsewhere. Comic books have become huge where superheros 
are starting to become a bit like Greek or Norse gods. Monotheism appears 
to be entering its decline and fall.


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