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*​> ​We are faced with a number of prospects. The first is there is some
> limit to complexity that any intelligent being can manage.*

The smarter something is the more complexity it can handle
so If
 Jupiter Brain was approaching
such a limit
that would give it motivation to add to its brain hardware.
And besides,
a Dyson Sphere would be big but not particularly complex, it would be less
complex than a modern computer chip because unlike the chip a sphere is
symmetrical so one part of it is just like another
. Once you figure out how to makes one square meter of
a Dyson Sphere
you just keep doing the same thing over and over till its done.

But if its so simple why haven't we already built one? Because
we don't have 6.02*10^23 arms so we can keep doing the same thing
​over and over ​
and be done before the sun burns out
but with self reproducing nano
machines we can have as many arms as we want.

> *​> ​The second is that intelligent life is extremely rare or maybe we are
> the only ones. *

​The evidence is ​we are the only one, or at least that nobody has ever
gotten much further than we have right now.

> *​> ​This seems to go against some general Copernican principle.*

​The ​
Copernican principle
​ is not a law of physics and in fact its clearly not true. We don't live
at a typical time, life has existed for almost 4 billion years but
intelligent life for less than a million and technology only a thousand or
so and life first left the earth only a few decades ago. We don't live in a
typical place either, a typical place only has one hydrogen atom per cubic
meter. ​We are lucky enough to live at an extraordinary time in a

*​> ​The third is the biology itself is some sort of spectacular fluke,
> maybe as a hard emergent process, that Earth is the only biologically
> active planet in the entire universe.*

​That could be. The fourth possibility is civilizations always destroy
themselves or stagnate and individuals have no interest in doing anything
except spending eternity in a electronic crack house.   ​

​John K Clark​

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