Brian Whitworth is a mathematician in NZ who has worked for quite a while with 
the idea of the universe being a sim. Peruse t leisure with some of his 
material and see what you think? I lifted this from a 2 month old email, that I 
forgot about because I was moving, and re-discovered it tonight. He indicates 
that I can share this, so before I forget again, share it I will. 


"It derives the strangeness of special and general relativity from the physical 
world being virtual and includes a Glossary of Terms for this and previous 
chapters. The chapters so far after over a decade of work are:
·    Chapter 1.The physical world as a virtual reality An overview.
·    Chapter 2. Simulating space and time Space and time foundations
·    Chapter 3. The light of existence. Light as quantum processing
·    Chapter 4. The matter glitch An alternative to the standard model
·    Chapter 5. Matter Teleports. Gravity as quantum processing gradient.
This completes Part 1 of the book, on physics. Part 2 address the self and 
consciousness from the same perspective. If you know of a good publisher for 
Part 1 let me know. As always, any comments on the chapter welcome! Feel free 
to pass the links on to anyone interested.
Kind regards, Brian Whitworth""

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