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*Consider this hypothetical event, of which several examples exist; a saucer shaped craft circles and follows a commercial airliner over a remote region, making no noise and exhibiting maneuvers which seem unlike anything possible with human technology, and witnessed by the crew and passengers. Since high performance aircraft developed by Skunk Works and tested at Area 51, are, for security reasons, restricted to Area 51, one wonders why a craft with such advanced flight characteristics would be seen circling a commercial aircraft far from any military test areas  This is SUGGESTIVE of an ET contact, but obviously NOT conclusive. What changed my mind on the subject is the short video I posted,*

The video I recall didn't show a "saucer shaped craft" it showed  a light.  Light "objects" are often reported at UFO's because there is not limit to how a "light" can maneuver.

"No noise" is a ridiculous observation; what sound could be heard over the noise of a commercial airliner.


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