On 3/2/2018 11:05 AM, Bruno Marchal wrote:
But you're now confounding provable and true and using "existence" in the sense of satisfying axioms as though it mean the same as in common discourse.

The UD exist and is emulated in the same sense that the prime numbers are distributed in some ways.

I am just clear. In the ontology only 0, s(0), …. exists. It is the whole point that when we assume that consciousness is invariant for some digital transformation, you would need to reify matter and attribute it some magical (Non Turing emulable, nor FPI-recoverable) property to make some computations more real than other,

Sometimes I wonder if you know how science works.  It doesn't make assumptions that contradict observations, it makes observations and tries form theories that match.  It is a simple trivial observation that some computations are more real than others.  That observation doesn't require reifying matter or assuming anything magical.  It's an observation.

where in fact on the the self-referentially correct measure can be obtained by mathematical means, and then we can compare with Nature.

Up to now, Arithmetic + its internal physical/material phenomenologies fits the facts,

Like all computations exist?  I think not.


where physics still dismiss the first person (despite the tremendous progress made by Galileo, Einstein and Everett, or people like Boscovic or Rossler).

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